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8:00 – 9:00 am


NQ Room 2435

9:00 – 9:30 am

Brainstorming activity

9:30 – 10:00 am

Unconference scheduling

10:00 – 11:30 am

AM Sessions

Various rooms in NQ, see AM Schedule for details

11:30 – 12:30 am


NQ Room 2435

12:30 – 4:30 pm

PM Sessions

Various rooms in NQ, see PM Schedule for details

4:30 pm

quasi-con wrap up activity

NQ Room 2435

Detailed Schedules

AM Unconference Session Schedule*

Start time

Room in North Quad






making Info lit more interesting
Funding and business models for public libraries
Library as space + Maker spaces, incubator spaces + Physical space vs. library services
Librarians w/o libraries + Reference beyond the desk


How do libraries shape their future? + Is librarianship political?
Sexy technology vs. library culture + Modernism and post-modernism in libraries
WTFuck is a job?
Post-apocalyptic libraries



Break for Lunch

*This schedule’s empty cells will be filled in with the brilliant discussion topics that we’ll make up during our brainstorming session.

­PM Presentation Session Schedule

Start time

Room in North Quad





 “Game Over: Disaster Planning for the Computer and Video Game Archive” by Rebecca Frank

“Preservation Expertise: An Exploration of Preservation Education” by JJ Pionke

“Good Help is Hard to Find: Choosing a Help Authoring Tool” by Elaine Meyer

Introduction by Andrea Neuhoff

“How to Find Business Resources” by Karen Stover

Introduction by Kelly Davenport


“International Library Projects: A Ghanaian Case Study” by Anne Cox

“Comics, Romance, and Hip Hop: Creating Unique and Relevant Collections for your Special Library” by Kristin LaLonde

“Creating a Lasting Relationship with Patrons” by Emily Johnson

Introduction by Kelly Davenport

“Lessons Learned From the People’s Library at Occupy Wall Street” by Claire Barco

“A Library… In Space” by Nick Krabbenhoeft

“What the h*$%?! are 21st Century Skills?” by Andrea Neuhoff

Introduction by Peter Timmons

“Free Geographic Information Systems: Hacking Google Maps and More” by Ilana Barnes

Introduction by Jacqueline DiOrio


 “Unusual Backgrounds: Broadening the Scope of Library Experience” by Geoff Iverson, Ryan Clement, Naomi Herman-Aplet, and Peter Timmons

Introduction by Andrea Neuhoff

“Evaluating the Success of Digital Preservation Projects in Libraries” by Rebecca Frank, Anne Cox, Graham Hukill, Jesse Johnston, and Adriana Maynard

Introduction by Nick Krabbenhoeft

“SCVNGR Part 1: Gaming Information Literacy”  by Meggan Frost and Jill Morningstar

Introduction by Kelly Davenport


“Electronic Resource Management System: Initial Considerations and Project Management” by Katherine Marshall

Introduction by Katy Mahraj

“Have No Fear, the Academic CV is Here!” by JJ Pionke

“What to Do if You Hate Reference” by Joanna Price

Introduction by Nick Krabbenhoeft

“SCVNGR Part 2: The Workshop”  by Meggan Frost and Jill Morningstar

Introduction by Kelly Davenport


Break for Wrap-up Activity in NQ 2435

Full lists of our  special guests and presenters are available now!